The Matter of Fact Team Gift Guide

Still looking for gift ideas this year? Here's our teams' top gift picks!

The Matter of Fact Team Gift Guide - The Matter of Fact Team Gift Guide
Miranda, Director of Planning and Sales Operations: 

I personally love this chic, personalizable, Baume Des Muses French lip balm that looks & feels expensive, but doesn't break the bank. I've also been making a conscious effort to not bring my phone to bed with me. I really love this Loftie Lamp because it's not only good looking, but useful!


Baume Des Muses French Lip Balm

Julian, Director of Education & Research:

I love gifting things like hand cream, a great-smelling balm, candles, or fragrances. Those luxurious things we often don't buy for ourselves can make fantastic gifts.

Beth, Director of Social Media & Influencer Marketing:

I'm a huge sneakerhead and love this Nike Faux Fur Blanket, it is perfect for those cold nights on the couch - heavy and the softest blanket. I also think these Hay Organization Containers are a great gift for the people in your life that love organization and fun colors. 


    Erin, CMO:

    I love this journal & affirmation cards from Garden24. They are a great gift for anyone exploring self love, growth and reflection.

    Garden24 Affirmation Cards


    Cynthia, Project Manager:

    I'm asking for the Bala Bangles this year! They come in lots of colors and are cute enough to wear them around anywhere.

    Bala Bangles


    Hollie, Creative Director:

    My top pick is the Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush, hopefully it will help me to be more gentle in my oral care habits! Also, I'm a sucker for this bottle of Rag & Bone Fragrance, Neroli. It feels like a worry stone in your hand. It's calming and relaxing just holding it. The scent profiles are very earthy and clean.

    Rag & Bone Neroli Frangrance

    Rag & Bone Fragrance, Neroli

    Alicia, Director of Digital Marketing:

    I'm big on simple jewelry that I can stack or layer to give more personality, so I have a few Mejuri rings on my wishlist. I also love to travel and have asked for gift cards for airlines so I can travel more in 2023! But if gift cards aren't your speed and you have a traveler you are shopping for, I am obsessed with my Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack. It comes in multiple sizes and colors and it has so many great little compartments that it is the perfect carry-on for the plane.

    Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

    Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

    P.S. We also think that this Brighten & Hydrate Travel Bundle featuring a mini Ascorbic Acid 20 vitamin C serum and a mini Minimalist Hydrating Cream moisturizer is the PERFECT stocking stuffer. 😉 

    Matter of Fact Brighten & Hydrate Travel Bundle with Vitamin C Serum and Moisturizer

    Brighten & Hydrate Travel Bundle
    Happy gifting!

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