raising the bar on radiance.

MATTER OF FACT BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT on a beige background with product drops around it
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We’re so excited to announce that we’ve added two new formulas to MATTER OF FACT - RESURFACING + HYDRATING SERUM and BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT!

Let's discuss what exactly the BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT is, what it does, and why it was formulated.

Our patent-pending nourishing oil that mixes a concentrated dose of moisturizers, and barrier-supporting lipids with a powerful combination of radical-fighting antioxidants to leave skin looking radiant, resilient, and restored.

Essentially, we’re raising the bar on radiance.

This new face oil provides the skin with a boost of moisture and helps fortify the barrier for healthy-looking skin.

Our BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT is a nourishing formula, which is why you’ll find it in our white packaging!

Why It Was Formulated

Paul wanted to solve the puzzle of delivering an effortless feeling facial oil that still packed a punch of hydration and strength to the skin for more resilience.

Our BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT formula does exactly that. It’s a facial oil, that’s nothing like an oil you’ve tried before.

Gentle emollients provide skin with a boost of moisture while a powerful antioxidant cocktail helps to fight UV and free radical damage and to fortify the skin barrier. The result is a visible improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone evenness, and radiance.

Skin concerns it addresses: dehydration, dryness, barrier support

The Proof Is In The Results

After 2 weeks:
95% of users agreed that rough, dry skin appeared smoother
92% of users agreed skin looked more vibrant
90% of users agreed skin felt softer and nourished
87% of users agreed skin felt more supple and was left with a healthy glow
85% of users saw an improvement in skin texture
85% of users said skin was deeply nourished, felt hydrated all day, and looked and felt rejuvenated

Every final MATTER OF FACT formulation, including its brightening serum and salicylic acid serum, is tested on a diverse range of skin tones via an independent lab with a certified clinician who grades the products using instrumental measurements, such as the Visia-CR Machine, to ensure the accuracy of claims and overall effectiveness. 

How to Use It
Apply 3-5 drops to skin. Can be applied morning or night, before or after any serum or moisturizer.

Shop our nourishing face oilBARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT today.