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MATTER OF FACT is rooted in curiosity – Paul sought to find ways to address multiple skin concerns from multiple angles in a single product using well-researched ingredients. Our patent-pending technologies allow us to create combination therapy formulas that are validated in clinical tests so there’s no guessing in what our products are supposed to do – you could say it’s a matter of fact.


Our revolutionary, patent-pending technologies allow us to combine, dissolve and stabilize active ingredients (such as Vitamin C and Azelaic Acid) at high concentrations to target multiple concerns, from various angles, all in one step, while providing a beautiful sensorial experience. The result is effective formulas with significant, visible results and less irritation.

active ingredients just got more effective.

Image showing different liquid to represent MATTER OF FACT Actisolv

Actisolv™ allow us to create:

  • Increased efficacy via combination therapy - mixing multiple active ingredients together in one formula
  • Optimal concentrations of actives for greater results while minimizing irritation or adverse effects
  • More efficient delivery of ingredients to skin
  • Drastically improved stability and increased shelf life than ever before
  • Beautiful textures and application experience while being sensitive skin-friendly
We're changing how ingredients are delivered to skin.

over 10 patent-pending technologies.

MATTER OF FACT is changing how ingredients are combined and delivered to skin, resulting in highly potent, stable, combination therapy products with elegant textures and powerful results, leading to over 10 patent-pending technologies.

Image showing MATTER OF FACT product dropper with product texture


Our patent-pending technologies allow for active ingredients, at optimal concentrations, to be delivered to skin for maximum effectiveness with minimal irritation. With fully dissolved and waterless formulations, we are able to more efficiently deliver research-backed actives to the skin. We determine concentration levels based not only on evidence from published research and also our own clinical tests on final formulas in order to provide results without compromise.

Image of womens face close up showing her hydrated skin


Combination therapy refers to the concept of combining two or more actives (such as Vitamin C, Azelaic Acid, and Retinol) into one product in order to amplify their positive effects on skin. Our technologies allow us to combine such ingredients in new, powerful and efficient ways in order to create formulas with maximal clinical efficacy with minimal irritation. We deliver formulas that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Image showing MATTER OF FACT products on beige background


Research-backed actives are often finicky and difficult to formulate with. In order to create effective combination therapy products, we needed to find ways to stabilize and solubilize these ingredients so that they could be used together in a single formula. Our patent-pending technologies make it possible to stabilize and fully dissolve ingredients such as Vitamin C and Azelaic Acid without compromising their effectiveness, allowing them to function together while maintaining a long shelf life. These are active combination products that are effective 'til the last drop.

Image of hands creating product in a lab using different lab instruments


High-quality clinical studies can provide users with an understanding of what concerns a product can realistically address, in what time frame, and to what degree. Through our clinical commitment, we run thousands of hours of testing on every products’ final formula, and ensure that they’re data-rich and helpful to the user by focusing on 3 key components.

(Administered by independent, third-party labs only)
Running clinical studies through independent, third-party labs ensures that we minimize any bias that may be introduced into the study. We want to ensure that the results we see are solely from the product’s performance.

(Tested on a diverse range of skin tones)
It’s important to conduct our clinical testing on a wide range of skin tones and ages because it allows the results to more closely reflect the experience of a real-world user of the product.

(measured in 3 different ways; instruments, experts, consumers)
We measure changes in skin in 3 different ways to ensure strong claims substantiation for our products:
- Dermatologist and expert grading
- Instrumental measurements
- Self-assessments

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