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In fall 2021, we released the award-winning serum you know and love, Ascorbic Acid 20 Brightening Serum. This revolutionary formula is still the same but with a new name and package!


Our breakthrough, first-of-its-kind, waterless vitamin C serum delivers 20% fully dissolved, stable l-ascorbic acid plus powerful antioxidants clinically proven to deliver brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin. This award-winning, innovative formula is made possible by our patent-pending Actisolv™technology that delivers a high concentration of stable actives while minimizing negative reactions. Ascorbic acid, aka vitamin C, is notoriously unstable, which means it degrades and becomes less effective when exposed to water, air, and sunlight. This instability factor brought major challenges for Paul to create a potent, stable, and cosmetically elegant formula. These challenges are what lead to Paul’s various innovations and patent-pending technologies. If the solution to a problem doesn’t exist, Paul likes to make it! Our patent-pending waterless solution uses a combination of skin-compatible ingredients and a high concentration of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) without the use of water and is stored in opaque packaging designed to limit exposure to air. This serum is the first of its kind: a waterless yet completely smooth, fluid formula that delivers a potent 20% concentration of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to the skin.

Skin concerns it addresses: dull skin, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

Key Benefits
BRIGHTENING + FIRMING SERUM is formulated to provide multiple benefits to your skin.

Superb Stability + Shelf Life
Vitamin C is known to be fragile and prone to significant degradation, especially in the presence of water. OurBRIGHTENING + FIRMING SERUM is able to retain excellent stability because of its waterless delivery system powered by our Actisolv™ technology. Through independent testing, our formula is proven to retain approximately 97% stability even after 18 months. This means you can enjoy your vitamin C Serum without feeling rushed, and be confident it’s efficacious from the first to last drop!

High Potency
Our formula contains a 20% concentration of pure vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid and L-Ascorbic Acid. We boosted the antioxidant power with Ferulic Acid and Maritime Pine Complex. These ingredients work synergistically with Vitamin C to further stabilize it and increase its antioxidant benefits.

Beautiful + Smooth Application
The fluid texture of our vitamin C serum is easy to use. It is completely smooth on application, not grainy or sandy, and won’t pill or ball up when you apply moisturizer or makeup on top. You’ll also notice that our brightening serum doesn't have the strong odor that many associate with pure vitamin C. Most people actually describe ours as smelling mildly of pine. (Ahhh, that’s nice.)

Amazing Results
BRIGHTENING + FIRMING SERUM has been shown in an independent, 12-week clinical study to significantly improve the appearance of skin tone evenness, discolorations, and wrinkling as measured by both expert grading and instrumentation.

After just 2 weeks:
100% of consumers agreed their skin looked more youthful and healthy.
96% of consumers said their fine lines and wrinkles were less visible, and skin elasticity was improved.
They saw an increase in the radiance and clarity and brown spots appeared faded
Third party clinical researchers saw a visible improvement in skin firmness and elasticity
Various clinical instruments* measured a significant improvement in skin firmness, number of wrinkles, size of the wrinkles & fine lines and skin tone evenness
*include a Cutometer and a Visia CR
    After 4 weeks:
    100% of participants agreed their skin tone appeared brighter, texture was smoother, skin firmness and elasticity was improved, and brown spots appeared faded
    96% of consumers saw a reduction in the appearance of uneven skin tone or discoloration
    Third party clinical researchers saw a significant improvement in wrinkles and fine lines, firmness, elasticity, skin tone evenness, and dark spot intensity
    A chromameter measured a significant improvement in skin tone evenness

      After 12 weeks:
      100% of users agreed that skin tone was visibly brighter and brown spots appeared lighter, skin elasticity was visibly improved and fine lines and wrinkles were less visible
      Third party clinical researchers saw a significant improvement in wrinkles and fine lines, firmness, elasticity, skin tone evenness, and dark spot intensity
      *results may vary

      Every final MATTER OF FACT formulation is tested on a diverse range of skin tones via an independent lab with a certified clinician who grades the products using instrumental measurements, such as the Visia-CR Machine, to ensure the accuracy of claims and overall effectiveness. We only cite results from full formula testing, and nothing from ingredient only research.

      How To Use It
      Suggested Use: Gently apply 1 pump to clean skin. Can be applied on damp or dry face without impacting results. Use sparingly. Can be used morning and/or night. Follow with a hydrating moisturizer or a hydrating face serum. We recommend starting with 2-3 times per week and build up to 1-2 times per day.

      TIP: If you’re new to vitamin C, start slow. We recommend using MINIMALIST HYDRATING MOISTURIZER or BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT, before BRIGHTENING + FIRMING SERUM as a buffer while your skin gets used to the formula. Don’t worry, using a moisturizer before does not impact the efficacy or absorption of the serum.

      Our new BRIGHTENING + FIRMING SERUM is the same formula and product everyone has fallen in love with—just with a new name and packaging. So to all our AA20 superfans, don’t worry. Our game-changing vitamin C formula is still here and is available to shop.

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