barrier hydration got a breakthrough.

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We are so excited to re-release our award-winning Minimalist Hydrating Cream.

Meet MINIMALIST HYDRATING MOISTURIZER - same beloved formula with new packaging, a bigger size, and a new name!

This is our patent-pending lightweight cream that improves the skin’s barrier for a healthier-looking complexion. Don’t let the lightweight texture and feel deceive you, this innovative formula combines pro-vitamin B5 and a lipid-rich complex to deliver deep and long-lasting hydration and moisture to the skin while replenishing nutrients to support a healthy skin barrier.

MINIMALIST HYDRATING MOISTURIZER has a creamy-yet-light texture that easily melts into the skin without feeling heavy. It layers well with other products and is gentle while nourishing your skin, making it the ideal team player for a wide range of skin routines and concerns, including sensitive skin. It is the perfect compliment to more active serums and treatments and works beautifully as a daytime moisturizer under makeup.

Our MINIMALIST HYDRATING MOISTURIZER is a nourishing formula, which is why you'll find it in our white packaging. 

Skin concerns it addresses: dehydration, dryness, barrier support

Key Benefits
Barrier Support
Supports a healthy skin barrier with gentle hydration, strengthening the skin's natural defenses.

Antioxidant Defense
Helps defend against daily environmental stressors.

For Sensitive Skin
Dermatologically tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. 

The Proof Is In The Results

After just 2 weeks:
96% of users agreed they saw an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin (skin looked and felt more hydrated, skin texture felt and looked smoother, improved the evenness, and skin felt softer and looked brighter)
90% of users felt skin looked more youthful and healthier, with an improvement in skin’s radiance
An expert saw a statistically significant improvement in hydration, softness, radiance, and texture
A corneometer measured a statistically significant improvement in hydration

      Every final MATTER OF FACT formulation is tested on a diverse range of skin tones via an independent lab with a certified clinician who grades the products using instrumental measurements, such as the Visia-CR Machine, to ensure the accuracy of claims and overall effectiveness. We only cite results from full formula testing, and nothing from ingredient only research.

      How To Use It
      Suggested Use: Apply to clean skin. Can be applied AM or PM, before or after any MATTER OF FACT serum or treatment.

      TIP: Apply MINIMALIST HYDRATING MOISTURIZER before any active treatments to act as a buffer if your skin is a little more sensitized and as you get used to new products and ingredients.