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How to Prevent Winter Dry Skin

Winter can bring along with it cold and dry air that leaves skin feeling uncomfortably dry, tight and flaky. Below are tips that can help keep skin moisturized and comfortable during the winter months.

How to Prevent Winter Dry Skin - How to Prevent Winter Dry Skin


Place a humidifier next to your bed. 

  • Avoiding cold, dry air when you’re out and about can be impossible, but giving your skin time to recuperate overnight can be as simple as using a humidifier as you sleep. Research suggests that relative humidity levels of under 30% result in dry skin and eyes, so aim to raise relative humidity levels to above 30%. 

Cleanse gently

  • You may find that the cleanser that you used during the warmer months may feel too stripping during the colder months. Switching to a milder cleanser may help skin feel less dry, tight and uncomfortable. 

  • If you are using a rinse-off cleanser, make sure that the temperature of your water is not too hot, as that can also exacerbate skin dryness.

  • Reducing skin’s overall exposure to water can also help. For very dry skin that’s still in need of makeup or sunscreen removal, a gently formulated cold cream that’s meant to be wiped (not rinsed) off can offer efficient, gentle cleansing while reducing exposure to water.

Supercharge your nighttime moisturizer with an occlusive balm, salve or ointment

  • In addition to using a humidifier to elevate the relative humidity of your bedroom as you sleep, it may also help to apply a thin layer of an occlusive balm or salve over your moisturizer at night. This may be something as simple as petroleum jelly, which is exceedingly mild and accessible. 

  • If you experience dryness only on certain areas of your face, such as around the mouth and eyes, you can focus application there. 

  • If applying to the cheeks or jaw, applying in a very thin layer will help prevent your face from sticking to your pillowcase.                                                                                                                                                                  

    Wear a mask for a ”humidifier” effect

    • Wearing a mask when outside in cold, arid weather can also help with dry skin. The moisture that’s naturally present in your breath acts as a source of humidity and the mask helps to partially trap and redirect that moisture, raising the humidity levels around your nose, eyes, mouth and cheeks. (If you have ever worn glasses while also wearing a mask, you may have noticed this effect when your glasses fog up!)


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