how to provide deep moisture to dry skin.

Image of woman's face zoomed in on her moisturized skin
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If you find that your skin is constantly dry, no matter how much moisturizer you are layering on, we have a couple of tips that could help any time of year. 

Place A Humidifier Next To Your Bed 
Avoiding cold, dry air, whether it’s a cranked-up air conditioner, or a brisk morning can be difficult. Giving your skin time to recuperate overnight can be as simple as using a humidifier as you sleep.

Research suggests that relative humidity levels of under 30% result in dry skin and eyes, so aim to raise relative humidity levels to above 30%. You can help raise humidity levels by using a cool mist humidifier, or some of the new face humidifiers that are now available. Remember that fans (floor or ceiling) can also dry out eyes and skin.

Cleanse Gently
You may find that the cleanser that you used during the warmer months may feel too stripping during the colder months. Switching to a milder, hydrating cleanser may help skin feel less dry, tight, and uncomfortable.

You don’t have to wash your face in the morning but if you must, some lukewarm water splash is all you need. If you are using a rinse-off cleanser, make sure that the temperature of your water is not too hot, as that can also exacerbate skin dryness.

Reducing the skin’s overall exposure to water can also help. For very dry skin that’s still in need of makeup or sunscreen removal, a gently formulated cold cream that’s meant to be wiped (not rinsed) off can offer efficient, gentle cleansing while reducing exposure to water.

Find A Moisturizer That Delivers Both Moisture And Hydration To Skin
MINIMALIST HYDRATING MOISTURIZER delivers both deep moisture to skin and long-lasting hydration to help soothe dehydrated skin and support a healthy skin barrier. 

Add nourishment to skin with a boost of gentle emollients and antioxidants for additional moisture with a few drops of BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT, our nourishing face oil, before your moisturizer in your skincare routine.

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