the next generation of MATTER OF FACT skincare.

Group shot of various MATTER OF FACT skincare products
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The next generation of MATTER OF FACT - announcing a brand update that includes three new products and refreshed packaging. 

“When I founded MATTER OF FACT, my goal was to create a line of stable, effective skincare products that work well, that are easy to understand and that are a joy to use. I believe that skincare should be simple and straightforward – in other words, MATTER OF FACT. As we enter this new era of the company, and introduce our new products to the line, we now have our sights set on taking the guesswork out of the process of achieving healthy skin through our combination therapy approach. I love the idea that we can help our clients make informed decisions for what they use in their routines and ultimately cultivate a more positive perspective on beauty, self-care, and skincare.”
- Paul Baek 
Founder + Formulator

A Refreshed Brand Look
We now have all-new product packaging and an updated naming approach designed to help you easily understand the potential results and navigate the line of products to best suit your skincare needs.

Your Two Favorite Products, Now With New Looks
BRIGHTENING + FIRMING SERUM (formerly Ascorbic Acid 20): a first of its kind, this highly-stabilized, waterless formula leveraging our patent-pending Actisolv™ technology which allows for fast and effortless penetration, delivering a potent 20% dose of fully dissolved L-Ascorbic acid for better absorption, and with a 24-month shelf life.

: dermatologically-tested for sensitive skin, this lightweight, luxurious cream formula delivers comforting, non-greasy long-lasting hydration that helps support skin's barrier and strengthen it's natural defenses.

Three New Products

BARRIER + ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT: containing a concentrated dose of skin-mimicking lipids and free radical-fighting antioxidants, this treatment supports more resilient, radiant, and restored skin.

: a radiance-enhancing, pore-clarifying, multi-acid mixer balanced with potent anti-irritants and hydrators to deliver powerful exfoliation without irritation.

WRINKLE + TEXTURE CONCENTRATE: Coming this summer a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending treatment that combines, not one but THREE, actives with retinol, vitamin C, and azelaic acid together; clinically proven to visibly improve the multiple signs of aging including wrinkles, dark spots, skin texture and tone.

Two New Categories

We’re introducing new products tailored to the core needs of your skincare: “ACTIVE” and “NOURISHING”.

Active products feature stabilized, highly effective, thoroughly-researched ingredients, such as retinol and vitamin c, and are noted by blue packaging. This line targets specific skincare concerns such as brightening and wrinkles. Most active products can be used day or night, and paired together for highly effective results.

Nourishing products, in white packaging, include restorative ingredients like barrier lipids and humectants that nurture, support, and replenish the skin barrier for overall wellness. Nourishing products can be used daily, and work as well as a buffer before active products for those with more sensitive skin or starting out on their skincare journey.

What Stayed The Same
All our formulas continue to be made by our founder and formulator, Paul Baek, in his lab in Los Angeles. Plus, our award-winning Vitamin C Serum and Minimalist Moisturizer are the same loved formulas, just with new names and packaging.

We also remain deeply committed to delivering clinically effective and rigorously tested formulas and providing transparent access to our test results. Every one of our products goes through tens of thousands of hours of testing so our customers can feel confident in the results and power of the products. We have defined this in our clinical commitment.